Greetings, and all the services that provides (Wheel of Time game servers, Wheel of Time MasterServer, and other servers coming in the future) is not cheap to build, run, maintain and operate.

With that being said, we could use your help. Please click on the Donate button on this page to make a donation.

Here is a breakdown of the costs involved to keep this service running that we are providing free to you:

Server Hosting –

The Server is located in a co-location facility in the USA. This co-location facility allows us access to the hardware when we need to do so. This charge is $75/mo.

Domain –

Domain registration is required for and its affiliates. Charge: $50/year

Server Hardware/Maintenance –

Server itself is an aged 1U server that is virtualized with multiple servers (WoTMaster Server, WoTOni Web Server, WoTOni WoT Game Server, other services required for WoTOni). This server is reaching/has reached its end of life. Charge: $600+

Total Costs:

We are looking at around $150 per month plus time and energy to keep this all up and running.

All these costs have built up over time and we have barely covered it.  We would like to keep this up and running for all of you and we do not see an end anytime in the near future but the costs are becoming more and more prohibitive.

Thank you,

~Eric D. – WoTOni