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More Upgrades

WoTOni.com will begin another upgrade to its servers. We are going to be increasing the hard drive capacity on the server to allow for more game servers and more services to be offered. Currently this server hosts WoTMaster.WoTOni.com, WoTOni.com, Wheel of Time Game Server, Wheel of Time-UT4 Game Mod, and other services. We will begin working on the server on Thursday, May 14 2015 and expect to be complete by Friday, May 15 2015.
Services that are being move to an ICE (In Case of Emergency) system:
We will be moving WoTMaster.WoTOni.com to an ICE Server starting Friday, May 8 2015 so we do not impact the reliability of the Master Server. The Master Server will be migrated back to the main server once the upgrades have been completed. WoTOni.com will also be put on an ICE Server as well. This server will just be notifying of downtime and will return to normal once the upgrades have been completed. All other services will unfortunately remain down until the upgrade has been completed.
Current and Future:
This is price of progress. WoTOni.com has hosted the Master Server for Wheel of Time for just about a year now and is also host 2 Wheel of Time Classic Game Servers as well as the Wheel of Time-UT4 Game Mod that Buad and Owen have been doing a great job working on.
We would love to host more game servers like Unreal Tournament 2004 and possibly others as well as have the most comprehensive Wheel of Time Game Maps available for download. Unfortunately, we have just ran out of space to allow this to happen. So… We basically have Growing Pains going on. One admin and myself have donated a lot of time and own personal finances into WoTOni.com to provide free of charge these services. Buad is doing a great job on the WoT-UT4 Mod with the help of Owen for the map conversions. Owen has been helping me with getting the Classic WoT Game Servers working for me and help maintain them as well.
Again, thank you all for your understanding regarding our Growing Pains. Donations are always welcome and after the upgrade, I will investigate in another system on accepting donations.
~Eric DeBono, Owner of WoTOni.com


Buad posted on Facebook a pic showing that WoTOni.com Game Server was the fastest in the west. Both Original WoT and the New WoT under UT4.

WoTOni.com is very proud to have the lowest ping times in the west! :D:D

Eric D aka Odo/WoTOni

Compromised Servers

A few months ago, WoTOni.com servers had been compromised and became unstable. Well, everything is under recovery now. All servers have been removed from ICE (In Case of Emergency) servers and running on its original core hardware again. 😀 Now is just recovery of the webpages. WoTMaster.WoTOni.com, WoT Game Server, and UT2k4 Game Servers are easy to rebuild and get working again. Web Server and all of its data, that’s another story. Restoring all the data is taking longer than expected.

Here is a recap of major news from the past.

WoTOni.com hosts the Official/Un-Official Master Servers for our beloved WoT Game. I will be reposting the download links soon so you can download them from here. You can also download the patch files as well as the entire game download with all the patches including the new master server patches over at http://wheeloftimegame.webs.com/

WoTOni.com has moved to new hardware that has better expanded capability. WoTOni.com will have game servers as well as downloads.


We are back! Web Server is still being rebuilt, but we are making progress.

Thanks for your patience!