WoTOni Update 08/02/2019:

Updated Backups have been completed and verified. Sometime this weekend the HD will be replaced. During this time, all services will be down for an unknown amount of time. Hopefully the HD replacement will go without a hitch and the system will recover itself. If it does not, there will be more work that will be needed to restore services.

Donations Update:

We have had $170.00 in donations within the first 5 hours of the post last night. We are still quite a distance away from getting a new server. The hard drive replacement is just a stopgap measure. To donate, go to https://wotoni.com and click on the donate button at the top. Another way to send money if WoTOni.com is down due to the HD replacement, is to go to https://paypal.me/wotoni. All the funds will go towards the server.

I would like to say thank you to the following people for their donations:

Mark Eaton Sr.
Anthony G.
Shane O.

I will keep posting updates as I have them and able to post.

Thank you again for your patience and your donations!

Eric DeBono 
Owner/Operator of WoTOni.com

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