WoTOni.com and its Game Servers Update 08/01/2019:

Important information regarding WoTOni and the WoT Master Server. Please read to the end.

We are still experiencing issues. The problem is a failing Hard Drive that is in the server.

Good news is that we do have a spare drive and we are working on current backups and after they are completed, we will be replacing the HD and finalize some of the updates that were needed.

Now, here comes the bad news. We need funds to replace the server. This server is sitting at 4+ years old and we have already outgrown it. We are looking at a server that will double (if not quadruple) its current capacity. This will give us more options including a full File Database (something I have been trying to work on) and redirect server. We are also trying to resurrect other classic game servers.

I have fixed the Donations page on WoTOni.com. We are needing at least $1500 USD to replace the server. This does not include our normal operating costs (Domain fees, server hosting fees, maintenance fees).

Any help would be greatly appreciated to keep the Master Server running and operational. To keep the server running, it has been one other friend and myself time and money to keep it running.

For anybody that donates, I will do a shout out on WoTOni.com and on Facebook. I will only use first name and last initial unless you send a private message stating it is OK to use your full name. If I could afford some type of compensation other than a shout out, I would certainly do so.

This is a great community. Unfortunately we are also shrinking in some fashion. I do not want to see it end after all the time, money, and passion involved to keep this great game alive.

I will keep you all posted on all updates as I have them.

Thank you,

Eric DeBono
Owner/Operator of WoTOni.com


Welcome to the new WoTOni.com. We have made some major improvements over the last year and a new server upgrade helps as well.

Please stay tuned for new material and downloads!


~Eric D.