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Wheel of Time with New MasterServer

Wheel of Time game with all the game patches and new WoTMaster.WoTOni.com Master Server updates.

WoT Editor Fix 3

Wheel of Time Editor Fix

T.H.U.M.B v1.17

Author: Sam Brown (Legend Entertainment)
Release Date: 3/8/00
Version: 1.17

The Ter’angreal Hand Utility Modifier and Builder gives you a clean, intuitive way to completely remap your keys and ter’angreal placement. If you don’t liek Fireball and Seeker being on separate keys, then put them on the same one. If you’d rather have freeze on its own key to access it faster, well, now you can do it.

Apollo Wheel of Time 333b US-Crack

Apollo’s WoT No CD Crack. Does NOT include the new Master Servers.

Wheel of Time Server Patch

WoT Server Patch

Wheel of Time D3D Patch 2

Wheel of Time Server Configuration Utility


There have been more than a few requests for a way to run a dedicated
multiplayer server without the Wheel of Time Disc Two in the CD-ROM drive.
This utility not only eliminates that requirement, but allows you to
specify options for your multiplayer server without having to launch the
Wheel of Time client.

This simple application features all the dedicated server options that are
contained in the game, as well as the ability to save different config-
urations as in order to easily revert to them later.

In addition, the utility allows you to set the server to automatically
restart if it terminates.


333b Patch for the Wheel Of Time Game